Cryogenic System Design and Engineering

Our engineers and staff understand the characteristics and behavior of cryogenic fluids under different temperature, pressure, and flow conditions. We first start with a needs assessment, asking you for the system flow and end use pressure requirements. From that information we can develop your system performance projections, including:

  • Heat leak analysis that can show you the liquid nitrogen (or other cryogen) losses compared to a copper pipe or other systems.
  • Pressure drop calculations through the system.
  • A break-even analysis showing you the anticipated return on investment and long-term financial benefits of a Technifab cryogenic pipe system for your operation's bottom line.
  • A cash flow analysis showing you the financial benefits of the proposed vacuum jacket pipe system.
  • Other details useful to plant personnel to assess the economic impact of the system.

Once we’ve determined your needs, we will create an isometric CAD drawing of the proposed system for your approval.

Unsure of how the system should be routed in your facility? We offer on-site measurements anywhere in North America!

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