High Efficiency / Vapor Series P-150

MVE Vapor Series P-150 Cryogenic Freezers

MVE High Efficiency / Vapor Series P-150 have been designed to provide the highest efficiency freezing systems in the world... period. With over 90% of the system covered by super insulated vacuum, the HE series exhibit very low heat leak and consequent LN2 usage rates. In fact, the HE units can show LN2 cost savings of up to 70% compared to standard storage units of equivalent capacity. Additionally, the low liquid nitrogen usage allows for a total static hold time of up to 6 months when used liquid full. Check our our High Efficiency Vapor Series P-190!

MVE Vapor Series P-150 Cryogenic Freezer Features:

  • Offset neck design to maintain -150°C in vapor storage and provide low liquid nitrogen consumption with standard racks
  • Durable metal lid - designed for longer life
  • Rotating interior tray provides easy access to cryobiological samples
  • Low maintenance, all-stainless steel construction
  • Annular filling lines reduces frost and ice formation near lid
  • Super-tough, durable casters
  • Rack Stand
  • Step-up platform available
  • Five Year Vacuum Warranty

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