MVE Series Tanks

The MVE Series cryogenic freezer features automatic-fill liquid nitrogen storage vessels, equipped with racks suitable for vials and frames designed for blood bags. Additionally, these freezers can accommodate high-security straws and larger canisters, making them versatile for various storage needs.

MVE Cryogenic Freezer Series

We offer three models of MVE Series Full Auto Gas Bypass Units:

  • MVE 205AF-GB: Liquid sample storage for 5,200 vials, 536 25-mL blood bags, 19,320 straws, or 23 canisters; 95-liter LN2 capacity; 20.4- by 18.5-inch footprint
  • MVE 510AF-GB: Liquid sample storage for 10,400 vials, 882 25-mL blood bags, 32,760 straws, or 39 canisters; 166-liter LN2 capacity; 29.1- by 30.6-inch footprint
  • MVE 1839AF-GB: Liquid sample storage for 39,000 vials, 3,968 25-mL blood bags, 151,200 straws, or 150 canisters; 673-liter LN2 capacity; 48.9- by 46.8-inch footprint

The MVE Series is most suitable for liquid cold storage; however, they can function in vapor with vapor storage accessory packs.


The MVE Series units employ a variety of user-defined audio and visual alarms to send alerts for any conditions that may require attention, such as low LN2 levels or temperature deviations.

Additional features of the MVE Series cryogenic freezers include:

  • Wide neck opening
  • Low lift over height
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Medical Device Directive for the EU MDD 93/42/EEC compliant
  • UL/C-UL Listed

We back our MVE Series LN2 freezer with a two-year standard warranty and a five-year vacuum warranty.

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