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Semi & Fully Automated Freezers

Cryo Associates is a leading supplier of cryogenic storage solutions including automated and semi-automatic liquid fill nitrogen freezers for scientific uses from IC Biomedical. Our freezers maintain consistent conditions to preserve critical cell tissue and sample integrity.  We proudly serve biorepositories, biomedical companies, pharmacological units, and university, government, and national research laboratories.

Our Semi-Automatic Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

Semi-automated cold storage systems offer hands-free operation that confers several advantages, such as increased lab efficiency and enhanced ergonomics. They also drastically lower the risk of degradation through precise temperature control.

The Revolution Series

IC Biomedical

  • Individual user accounts for restricting and monitoring sample access
  • Redundant level-sensing controls
  • Remote data monitoring capabilities
  • Touchscreen control panel

The Revolution automated lab freezer maintains a consistent temperature between -20 and -150 degrees Celsius for ideal temperature management when using the radiance functionality.

Automatic Fill Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

Fully automated fill liquid nitrogen freezers by IC Biomedical offer exceptionally efficient cryogenic sample storage. They maintain temperatures as low as -190°C in vapor storage. They are also low maintenance, further enhancing their overall value. Our team at CRYO ASSOCIATES can help you choose the best design for your needs.

Secure Your Samples

Our team at CRYO ASSOCIATES offers sales and professional installation of semi-automatic liquid nitrogen freezers ideal for scientific, biomedical, and research facilities. Also learn about our Revolution-Q with CELLTRIO series! We can handle all phases of repository planning, design, construction, and operation. Call us at 888-655-2796 to request a quote.