Controlled Rate Freezers are necessary for the accurate, repeatable process of reducing temperature in accordance with a given or programmed protocol. Whilst many biological samples may be stored via mechanical freezers or freeze drying, viability for a large proportion is optimised, or ensured, by storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The process of freezing down samples using cryo protectants can be a complex one. Rate of cooling affects protectant concentration which in turn may affect the cells beings frozen. The aim of good cryo-preservation is to ensure maximum viability of samples.

Programmable freezers have:

  • Class 11a Medical Device compliance options
  • Horizontal or vertical freezing option
  • PID engine based controllers
  • Maximum temperature control and range
  • Temperature accuracy using Class A Platinum Resistance Thermometers
  • Independent controllers - helps safeguard operation and protocols in power outs or downs
  • Kryo 750-30 Control Rate Freezer

    Kryo 750-30 Control Rate Freezer

    An integrated controlled rate freezer for cryopreservation of larger volume samples or samples in larger numbers - Kryo 750 Product Sheet - KRYO 750-30 *** Call 301-279-2864 for special pricing on Planer Control Rate Freezers *** The Kryo 750-30...