Dry Vapor Shippers

Dry Vapor Shippers

Dry Shippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic temperatures (-150°C) or colder. Fabricated from durable, lightweight aluminum, they employ a hydrophobic absorbent containing liquid nitrogen for "spill-free shipping." CRYO ASSOCIATES offers multiple options for safe, premium dry vapor shipping , manufactured by MVE & IC Biomedical.

The Importance of Cryogenic Shipping

Cryogenics refers to the study and behavior of materials at extremely cold temperatures, or in the case of cryogenic shipping, transporting materials at low temperatures. When shipping highly reactive compounds or biological material, the low temperature stabilizes and preserves tissue or cells.

Common samples and products that benefit from dry vapor shippers include products involving human tissues, concentrated T cells, and embryonic cells.

How Dry Shippers Work

Liquid nitrogen dry shippers function as dewars or double-walled vacuum flasks designed to maintain materials at low temperatures. Although liquid nitrogen effectively preserves samples, it is classified as a regulated hazardous material. Dry shipping mitigates the risk of liquid nitrogen spills that could endanger specimens or breach hazardous material regulations. Moreover, dry shippers are not subject to the standard shipping requirements for liquid nitrogen.

The containers do not allow pressure to build in the container or risk any spillage. Dry Shipper features include:

  • The lightweight aluminum design reduces shipping costs
  • All models come with a locking tab for shipments
  • Neck Tube — High-strength neck tube reduces liquid nitrogen loss
  • Advanced Chemical Vacuum Retention System provides superior vacuum performance
  • Superior hydrophobic absorbent— repels moisture and humidity while maintaining a -150°C chamber environment
  • Insulation — Optimized multi-layered cryogenic radiant insulation system provides maximum thermal performance
  • Three-Year Vacuum Warranty

Dry Shippers Made Easy With CRYO ASSOCIATES

At CRYO ASSOCIATES, we have served the biotechnology industry since the 1960s as a supplier of cryogenic equipment and liquid nitrogen delivery systems. In fact, we have one of the most well-established relations with prestigious institutions such as National Laboratories, Universities and multinational pharmaceutical firms.

Our aim is to provide you with a worry-free shipping experience for your specimens, free from concerns about hazardous spills or preservation issues. We supply protective shipping cartons for most models, which help classify the shipment as non-hazardous. To discover more about our products or to request a quote, call us today at 888-655-2796.