Aluminum Dewars

Aluminum & Cryogenic LN2 Dewars

Manual Fill Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

A dewar is a double-walled, vacuum-insulated container used to store cryogens such as liquid nitrogen. The biotechnology industry uses aluminum dewars for cryogen transport and long-term sample storage.

Advantages of Aluminum LN2 Dewars

Aluminum LN2 dewars are an economical alternative to stainless steel freezers while maintaining the cryogenic environment for low volume biological storage. They withstand liquid nitrogen's extremely cold temperatures while providing superior vacuum performance and insulation. Dewars provide optimal thermal efficiency by maintaining low LN2 consumption.

Dewars provide an efficient, safe way to store liquid nitrogen and dispense it in small amounts. They can maintain cryogenic liquids for long periods. Combined with their lightweight construction, these properties make aluminum dewars useful for storing and transporting cryogenic samples.

Applications for Aluminum Cryogenic Dewars

Dewars are used in laboratory and research environments for flash-freezing samples. Researchers can also use aluminum cryogenic dewars to dispense LN2 or other cryogens for experiments. The MVE Lab Series is designed for liquid storage. It is compact and lightweight, with a high-strength neck tube to minimize LN2 loss.

Animal husbandry professionals can use dewars to transport biological samples, such as semen, eggs, and embryos, to another destination. The MVE Doble series is built for both liquid storage and vapor shipment, making it an excellent option for breeders. It serves as an aluminum cryoshipper with hold times of up to 30 days.

Biorepositories use dewars to catalog and store life-science specimens. MVE CryoSystem dewars have liquid nitrogen capacities from 47.4 liters to 175 liters. They have low nitrogen consumption, low space requirements, and a mid-range vial capacity, making them a good choice for cryogenic sample storage.

A Selection of Aluminum Dewars from CRYO ASSOCIATES

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