Doble Series Units

MVE Doble Series tanks are the first units designed for both vapor shipment and liquid storage. A unique absorbent layer in the base of the storage tank enables them to be charged with nitrogen and employed as dry shippers with hold times of up to thirty days. Once at the final destination, the tanks can be filled with liquid as normal and used for long term storage.


  • Reduce Investment. No need to purchase dedicated shipping tanks in addition to storage units.
  • Optimize Investment. Inventory is more flexible, since tanks can be used for either/or both purposes.
  • 40 Years Of Technology. The MVE Doble hybrid tanks utilize the same components and vacuum technology that make our current range the best selling breeder units on the world market.
  • 3 Year Warranty. Our faith in our product is your guarantee of performance.
  • Up To 30 Days Of Hold Time. Compare to lower cost systems.
  • Rugged Construction. The same durability for shipment and storage - no short term investment, these tanks are designed to last on the plane, truck or farm.
  • High Capacity. Reduce the number of shipments with vapor shipments of up to 3,500 straws.
  • Flexibility. The units can be used as a vapor shipper for export shipment and simply filled with liquid on arrival, to become a high quality liquid storage tank for on-site use and resale.
  • Safety and Integrity Of Shipment. The vapor shipping method reduces the possibility of spillage accidents and in addition, the unique design of the Doble units ensures the tank will maintain temperature for up to 30 days before requiring a recharge.
  • Simple to Decontaminate. MVE’s exclusive hydrophobic absorption material not only guarantees optimum performance at all times (with no down time to dry out the tank) but enables water soluble solvents and disinfectants to be used for decontamination.